FRAM Capital GmbH
FRAMC Capital

specializes in Nordic* small and medium-sized listed stocks. We know about the strong innovative power, professionalism and quality of the Nordic Brand.  We want to benefit from the Nordiccompanies entering the capital/equity markets early in their life cycles.

FRAM is Norwegian for forward.
FRAMgång is Swedish for success.
FRAM is the name of the schooner used by Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen for his expedition to the South Pole (1910-1912). The Fram was ingeniously designed to exploit the power of the ice and float on top of the pack ice (can still be visited in Oslo).
FRAMtid is Swedish for future

FRAM Capital invites you to join us investing in Nordic innovation!

* We at FRAM use the term Nordic to encompass Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.