FRAM Capital GmbH
FRAMC Capital

Nordic funds

Funds category Equity, Nordic Region
Currency Euro
Type Distributing
Financial year 01 October
Benchmark no
Country of origin Germany
Launch Date 01 October 2017
Handling charge 1.50%
Performance fee 15% / 6% hurdle rate/ high watermark
Asset-based fees Maximum 5%

The fund focuses on small and mid-caps, but can also invest in blue chips.
As a Scandinavian equity fund, it is at least 50% invested in Scandinavia and stocks.
The fund is characterized by active stock picking of substantial companies free of a benchmark.
During the selection process, care is taken to ensure that companies either have an outstanding position within a niche or that they have succeeded in generating sustained high free cash flow with good balance sheet quality, which helps them to distribute increasing dividends to the shareholders.

The aim is to outperform the European equity market with low volatility.